The Mazzola's

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hi Family and Friends,

Summer is offically over and we are eagerly awaiting fall weather and basketball season. Since our last post we have been quite busy with work, school, and getting ready for all of the weddings we have coming up this fall. We recently went to the beach one last time before it gets cool with Uncle Mattie (joe's brother) and our good friends/neighbors, Becca, Trent, Naomi and Rick. We have also been getting ready for Steph and Matt's wedding, which is September 30th. We cant wait!!! Steph and I just went to Wilmington this past weekend with all of her friends for her Bachelorette party. We had an absolute blast and Steph was a great Bachelorette.

Emilia is growing so fast and is really starting to show her personality. She is such a good baby, and smiles all the time. We have started giving her rice cereal, which I think she is starting to get the hang of. At first more of it went on her than it did in her mouth. She is almost sitting up on her own and we can see two little teeth starting to pop thru on the bottom. We enjoy her so much!!

We will try to post an update and more pictures soon but we have weddings, showers and birthdays galore over the next couple months so hopefully it wont be too long. We hope you all are doing well. We'll see a lot of you soon at Steph's wedding!