The Mazzola's

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hello Friends and Family!

Once again time has slipped away from us and it's already July and Emilia is going to be 15 months old this week. YIKES, how time flies...
We have been quite busy since Emilia's 1st birthday in April. Let's see, Joe turned the BIG 30 in May so he celebrated that with a guys weekend to Darlington, SC to watch a Nascar race while trying not to injur their livers too badly. Emilia and I started taking a swim class with my friend, Becca and Emilia's friend, Brayden (Becca's daughter). We had to start prepping for the many weekends we plan to spend at Grandma and Grandpa's beach house this summer. Which we have already taken about 3 or 4 trips to the beach this summer. Emilia loves the ocean so when we are down at the beach we spend more time on the edge of the water rather than building sand castles. Joe doesnt mind that since he hates to get sandy. She also loves to swing! Both Babia (my mom) and Babuba(Zaz) and Grandma and Grandpa have put up swings at their house and the beach house. So Emilia spends lots of time swinging while visiting the grandparents. Over the past 3 months Emilia's vocabulary has expanded a ton. She has learned to say "hair bow", "hello", "hi dad", "bye bye", "duck", "oh no", "uh oh", "keys", "cheese", "rain", and even some family members names (JoJo, Babu, Anna, Alex, Tor Tor, Matt, Gin Gin) I will stop there but as you can see it's amazing how much they change in 3 months. She is becoming very independent, she wont let me carry her to the car after school, she likes to walk and hold my hand while carrying her school bag on her shoulder, and she doesnt let me to rock her to sleep anymore, which makes me very sad. She is so much fun and it's so great to see her personality blossom as she grows. There is never a dull moment around our house between Emilia and Fletch. As Emilia has been keeping us entertained over the past 3 months, Joe decided to take on the task of giving our kitchen a face lift. I think most of you have seen it and I'm sure you will agree that it was a little outdated and needed a little TLC. So, Joe spent about a month and a half painting, switching out light fixtures among a few other little things here and there and it looks AWESOME!!!! I cant wait for people to see it. After looking at the before and after pictures we asked ourselves, "why did it take us 4 years to do this?". With all that said, that takes us up to July. We promise not to let 3 months slip by before posting an update again. We will do our best to update our blog monthly. We hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Stay tuned for more posts....
Love to you all,
Les, Joe, Emilia and Fletch