The Mazzola's

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year Family and Friends,
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed seeing so many family members and friends over the holidays. Emilia had a great time seeing all of her grandparents, meeting new cousins, aunts and uncles that she had never met before. She also enjoyed the whole idea of Christmas, opening gifts and making sure everyone else had gifts to open, even Fletch. Next year is going to be even more fun! Once all of the excitement of Christmas was over we rang in the New Year with some of our very close friends here in Cary, and continued celebrating a few days later for my 30th (yikes!) birthday. Despite the fact that it was my 30th birthday, I had a great evening out with Joe and then later met up with friends. You can see from the pictures that we were really enjoying ourselves...
Emilia is doing great. She is repeating everything we say and loves to keep us on our toes. We are getting ready to take her to the mountains for MLK weekend with my family. Then we are off to Disney World at the end of January with Joe's parents. I hope you all are doing well. We will post more pictures in the weeks to come.
Les, Joe and E