The Mazzola's

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello Family and Friends,

Happy 22 month birthday, Emilia! Today Emilia is 22 months old. I cant believe what a big girl she is now. Since our last post we have been super busy with a couple of fun trips. But before our travel ventures began two of our very good friends, Naomi and Rick had a baby boy, Roman. Emilia has really enjoyed watching him and rocking him in his car seat. Congratulations Rick and Naomi!

Then it was off to the mountains with my mom's family over the MLK holiday. All of the guys went skiing, while the ladies went sledding and hot tubbing. We got to see lots of snow, which was beautiful but I am still a beach girl. When I asked Emilia if she liked the beach or snow, she said "beach". That's my girl...

Last weekend we headed from snow down to the sunshine state of Florida with Grandma and Grandpa Mazzola ("day day" and "di di") to spend the weekend at Disney World. It was an early birthday present for Emilia and we all had a blast. We spent one day at Magic Kingdom with Mickey and friends and the other day at Animal Kingdom. You can see from the pictures how much fun we had. Now it's back to the old grind with work, school and other extra curricular activities on the weekends. Before we know it it's going to be March Madness, GO HEELS! I hope you all are doing well and we will keep you posted...