The Mazzola's

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello Family and Friends,

As the summer wraps up we are finally feeling settled into our new house and loving it! We have enjoyed going to the pool, spending time with friends and going to the beach in our free time. Emilia is doing great! She is getting ready to move to a new classroom at school and they require the kids to be potty trained so we have been working really hard with her and she is doing great! It's amazing what stickers, donuts and stamps will make kids do. She is so sweet and loves to help us around the house. Her new favorite things to help us with are making coffee, feeding Fletch, gettting Joe his Vitamin each morning, starting the dishwasher and making quesidillas. We are looking forward to cooler weather so we can spend more time outside without having to fight the bugs. I am getting ready to fly to Nashville with my Mom and sisters for a girls weekend and then we are going to the beach the next week for Labor Day. Then in September Joe and I are flying up to Philadelphia so that Joe can get his dual citizenship (Italian/US). It's been a really time consuming but super neat process. We will post more pictures soon. We hope you all are doing well.

Les, Joe and Emilia