The Mazzola's

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hi Family and Friends,

We had a great month of May spending lots of time with friends and family. Emilia had a rocky start with her first swim lesson without Mommy and Daddy in the pool with her, but after a little bribing she was smooth sailing from week two forward. By the end of the month she really has come to enjoy going to swim lessons and we have a lot of fun watching her.

Joe had his annual guys weekend to Darlington, SC for the NASCAR race the first weekend in May. They had a great time and Emilia and I had a fun girls weekend together. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We spent the day relaxing at my Mom's with Steph, Matt and Holden. Since the guys were at the race for most of Mother's Day weekend, the girls went to the spa the next weekend for a belated Mother's Day.

We celebrated Joe's birthday this month as well. Emilia and I had fun making him his cake together. She kept trying to convince me to make him pink and blue icing but we stuck with chocolate.

We just got back from a week at the beach with our friends and their children. As you can see from the pictures we had a great time. We had theme nights each night, which made for lots of laughs and fun (for example dress up like your spouse night (see pictures)). It was an awesome week of laughing, eating, drinking and relaxation. It was really tough to go back to work and school today.

Emilia is getting ready to move to the Preschool 1 classroom at school. She is getting so big and acting so grown up. She loves to challenge us and we have learned over the past few months that it's not "terrible two's", it's the "challenging three's". Disciplining is a 24 hour job but we know if we stand our ground it will pay off in the end. She is so much fun and says some of the funniest things sometimes. Emilia pooted recently and Joe asked her where all her gas came from and she said "the gas station". It's so hard not to laugh but it was really cute.

June should be a pretty relaxing and calm month for us. We are going to try and head to the beach at the end of the month. We already miss the beach and we've only been home for 3 days. We hope you all are well!

Lots of love,

Les, Joe and E