The Mazzola's

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, Emilia!!! Wow, how time flies. We can't believe our little girl is already 4 years old. Emilia had a wonderful 4th birthday! She celebrated with friends and family at My Gym this year. She was so cute, I don't think she ever stopped smiling during her birthday party. Thank you to all of our family and friends who were able to attend, it made her day to have you all there to celebrate.

Besides celebrating the big 4th birthday we have continued to adjust to having little Chase or should I say he is adjusting to us. Emilia has adjusted really well to having baby Chase around. She likes to call him "her baby" or "Chasers". She is a great helper. She loves to help with diapers, wipes and picking out clothes. She even helps give him his passy when he spits it out.

I forgot how tiring the first month can be but thankfully our little man gives me a 3-4 hour stretch every night so I am not totally exhausted. I am not much of a napper so getting that stretch of sleep each night is great. I try to enjoy every moment with him, even if it's 3am. Thank you to all of our friends and family who helped out the first month with bringing food etc. I can't tell you how helpful it was to us. All of the meals were wonderful, Joe especially loved the variety, rather than the same old meals I always make.

Chase is a super baby! He can be a little sensitive but for the most part he is a doll and only cries when he is hungry or his tummy hurts. Emilia has even figured out that when he cries he's hungry and says "I think he wants the boob", she's hilarious. I cant believe he will be six weeks old next week. I go back to work part time May 10th, so I am really trying to soak up every moment that I have with him before then.

Joe got to enjoy his Blue Devils big National Championship win. He even decided to partake in the celebration on campus with some friends. For all you Duke fans out there, congrats!

We don't have much going on for the rest of April but May is going to be a fun and busy month with birthdays, trips to the zoo, nascar races and trips to the beach. We are looking forward to more warm weather and lots of sun and fun this summer!

Enjoy the new pictures! I hope you all are doing well and in good health.

All our love,
Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase