The Mazzola's

Friday, July 08, 2011

Birthdays, Father's Day and Summer fun!

Over the past 2 months we have had a blast celebrating Joe and Mom Mazzola's birthdays, appreciating what a wonderful Daddy Joe is and lots of summer fun activity!

May was quite a busy month for us as we started to prepare for summer break. I was asked to be a sponsor for Jocelyn (joe's cousin) and Paulina (friend's daughter) who were confirmed into the Catholic church in May. I stayed busy with going to rehearsals and confirmations the first two weeks of May. Then we celebrated Joe's 34th birthday! We had a nice evening at home eating brownies and singing happy birthday. Emilia loves to sing these days and she made him some beautiful birthday cards! I think she made a card for him everyday that week. Joe then headed to Charlotte for his anual Nascar weekend with the guys. The kids and I had swim lessons and soccer that weekend. We spent the next week preparing for Emilia's last week of school. They had a family night cookout with games, contests and other fun activities. Emilia was ready for summer break! We stayed in town for Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed a nice cookout with our friends who live down the street from us. Carolina and Craven welcomed their new baby, Susana into the world at the end of May. Emilia, Chase and I went to see them and Laura's little girls. Check out the pictures below of all the little munchkins. Emilia spent the first two weeks of summer playing at My Gym and hanging out with Bebia. Unfortunately she sprained her ankle at the end of her first week of My Gym camp, the day before Joe and I left for NY for our first weekend away without the kids. I literally had to carry her all day the day after it happened because she would cry every time she took a step. It was pretty pitiful! Joe and I left the next day for a lovely weekend away together. We went to the Caskills in NY for Read and Anya's wedding. It was lots of fun to see old friends and to meet new friends. We laughed and reminessed all weekend. The next weekend we attended my sister's Alex and Tori's high school graduation. Talk about something that made me feel like I was getting old. Emilia started YMCA camp the second week of June. It was a little adjustment but by the second week she was having a blast. They get to swim everyday, do arts and crafts and pretty much play all day. She is usually totally zonked by the time we get home at night!

We had a wonderful Father's Day celebration with Joe's parents and Aunt Gin Gin and Jack. Grandma and Day Day came to visit and had a delicious dinner and celebrated our wonderful Daddy's.

The last weekend in June we had an "Adult Night Out" at our house. The Jones, The Wrights, The Salamas and Kara Moore came over for drinks and food. It was fun to spend time with friends without the kids around. We all love our kids but it's so important to have adult time with our friends.

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration with the Mazzola's at the beach. We also celebrated Grandma Grandma's birthday while we were there. Emilia really enjoyed the fireworks and had a blast on the beach. She looked for Blog Monsters on the beach with Day Day and enjoyed throwing Snapper's with Silly Uncle Mattie. Chase finally started walking the day before we left for the beach. YAY!!!! He had a pretty good time on the beach and loved the water. Unfortunately we think he had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen we used on him. His eyes were swollen and he had a rash on his face and arms. The poor kid has such sensitive skin, so we will not be using Banana Boat Baby sunscreen on him anymore! Emilia starts back to camp next week and then we will be heading to the beach for a week the second week in August.

We are looking forward to a week away together with my family. Work has been super busy for both Joe and I so it will be nice to relax with the family together.

We hope you all are well and having a wonderful summer.

Lots of love,
Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase