The Mazzola's

Monday, August 22, 2011

Where to begin....It's certainly been an eventful and emotional 6 weeks to say the least. We got to take our visit to the ER with Emilia on July 20th and today she had her first day of Kindergarten.

Week of July 20th: It had been a long week/weekend because Chase was sick with Roseola and the day we sent him back to school I had picked Emilia up from camp early to come hang out with me at work while we waited for the computer guy to finish installing my new computer. Emilia and I were in my co-workers office messing with the plastic mini blinds and I had just called Joe to tell him we would be late getting home because the computer guy was still not finished. He is telling me that he actually decided to leave work early so that he could be home to hang out with us, and as soon as he tells me this Emilia pulls too hard on the blinds and before I could tell her not to pull so hard they came crashing down on her face. Poor Joe hears me scream on the other end of the phone because not only did they fall on her they fell on her face and sliced open her tear troff right under her left eye. I knew the second she lifted her hand off her face we were heading to the ER, the cut was super deep. It was so deep it didn't even bleed that much. So, it's 5:30 rush hour, I send Joe to get Chase and then we all end up at Big Wake for a long night. Emilia ended up having a plastic surgeon fix her face. He put 6 stitches under the skin and 9 on top. I learned something about Emilia that I never knew until that night. She is the bravest child! She barely cried and being that she had to have an IV, get sedated, etc. The only time she got a little upset was around 9pm when she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said I am tired and hungry and want to go home. Thankfully right after that the surgeon came in and got her prepped for the procedure. She missed a week of camp after that because she could not swim and had to take it easy. We sent her to camp a day after the stitches came out and she was excited to be able to swim again. However, the tricky part is that she cannot get any sun on her face so she wears hats all the time when we are outside. Thank goodness she has been quite a trooper with the hat wearing and putting lots of polysporin on her face each day. We go back to the plastic surgeon on Sept. 13th to see how the scar is looking. He's a little concerned about a couple of tiny areas but I think only time will tell as to how it will heal. After that hurdle, Emilia got strep throat on her last week of camp. She got to go on her very last day, which she was super excited about she really enjoyed being at camp this summer.

We headed to the beach (Ocean Isle) the second week of August with my family and had a really nice time. Although, I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.

Emilia had her first official day of Kindergarten today. She went on Friday with half of her classmates and did great! I only cried a little on Friday, it helped that we went thru this transistion last year. She was so cute, we set her alarm to help her wake up in the mornings because she it not much of a morning person (just like her daddy). She got up, got dressed and came downstairs to brush her hair and teeth. The next thing I know she is getting an Eggo out of the freezer and putting it in the toaster oven. She is really getting to be such a big girl. We are very proud of her!

Chase is a busy little fella. He is practically running trying to keep up with Emilia and his friends at school. He is definately starting to enter the early stages of the "terrible twos". He gets so mad when he can't have what he wants and will literally lay down on the floor and cry. His vocabulary is expanding on a daily basis. His latest words that he likes to say a lot are:

nack = snack

tista= sister

hambuga= hamburger


ball is his favorite word!

Joe is doing well, he's been doing P90X, which I try to do some of the workouts with him when I can. It's really tough, so I have been quite impressed by his dedication.

We are looking forward to fall and spending lots of time on our porch that we have not gotten to take full advantage of yet.

We hope you are all well and in good health.

Lots of Love,

Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase