The Mazzola's

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Grade, Fall and Football

Hello Family and Friends,
Well it's safe to say that me trying to write these posts monthly is nearly impossible.  It's amazing how the time flies and how busy we all stay.
I hope you all are well and enjoying fall!  We are loving the awesome weather and spend as much time doing outdoor activities as possible. 
I guess I should rewind back to the end of July to when I wrote our last post.  We took a great family vacation to the beach and then Emilia finished out camp at the YMCA.  It was a long summer with her and camps.  I think she had fun and I know that her going to camps helps her to grow and develop as a person but WOW, it was a rough one.  She cried almost everyday she had to go to YCamp, I felt like we were back in pre-school again.  It ripped my heart out but drove me crazy all at the same time.  On a positive note, Emilia became a great swimmer this summer and gained a lot of self confidence.  We took a trip to Charlotte one weekend to visit the Jones and had a blast seeing their new home.  Emilia was psyched to have her first sleepover and since it was with Brayden that made it even more special.  Our most exciting news of this post is that Callie Jo, my niece was born.  Steph, Matt and Holden welcomed little Callie into the world on August 20th (Steph's birthday).  She is so cute and such a good baby.  Emilia loves to hold her and be a little helper. 
Emilia started school the last week of August, so we stayed busy with beginning of the year activites preparing her for 1st grade, which she is really enjoying.  She actually has homework everynight and a spelling test every Friday.  This has been an adjustment for Joe and me, especially since she goes to afterschool.  Making sure she does her homework correctly and going over things with her each night, including studying her spelling words feels like a lot to accomplish.  I can't imagine how it's going to be when both kids are coming home with homework.  She still loves school but doesn't like PE much because she says she doesn't like getting sweaty.  Joe and I always laugh because PE is usually most kids favorite class in school. 
She is continuing to take piano and is really doing well.  She just started taking tennis on Saturdays and really likes it, which excites me!
September seemed to keep us busy with all kinds of unexpected and planned excitment as well as starting to train for another 1/2 marathon with Joe.  I took a long overdue girls weekend to Oak Island with Carol, Heba and Becca.  We had an absolute blast and have now decide to make it an annual trip.  Joe has started getting into his fantasy football, which means there is LOTS of football on in our house on Sundays and Monday nights.  Chase got a week off with Judy and spent time with Bebia and me.  I took him to The Museum of Life and Science to see the dinos and ride the train.  We had a great time until I walked out to my car and realized that someone had smashed in my driver's side window and stole my purse, which was hidden under my center console.  Needless to say it has a been a frustrating and costly few weeks of getting things back in order.  Chase has attended some My Gym classes recently and loves them!  I'm still trying to decide what to get him involved in, he loves balls and running around.  A real BOY!  Chase is super funny and loves to make us laugh.  I'm not sure where he gets that from? Joe?! He is doing great potty training, as we are having to bribe him to go poop on the potty with dollar store toys.  Joe and Emilia have started doing the Indian Princess Yguides together.  They hosted their first meeting at our house and are at Camp Kanata today for a daytime campout.  This will be a fun bonding experience for them.  We have enjoyed spending lots of time as a family this fall and the next few weekends are going to be very busy and fun for us.  We are heading to Charlotte next weekend for my cousins wedding and Joe and I are going to go to a Panther's game on Sunday.  Then we are taking the kids to Washington, DC to see Silly Uncle Matty and then Joe and I will be taking a weekend away together to the beach to run in our 1/2 Marathon.  We should have LOTS of photos and updates for you soon.  I'm sure I have left out some updates but Chase just woke up from his nap.  Off to the pumpkin farm to pick out pumpkins and take a hay ride.  Happy Halloween to all!!!!
Lots of love,
Leslie, Joe, Emilia and Chase