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Thursday, June 05, 2014

First Communion, Field Trip and Finishing Another School Year

Hello Family and Friends,
What a fun 6 weeks it's been for our family!  It's hard to believe that in 3 days my little girl, who is turning into a young lady before my eyes is going to be a rising 3rd grader.  Emilia has enjoyed her last 6 weeks of school and has loved being a second grader.  She has really matured this year and I can't imagine how much she will change during her 3rd grade year.  We are very proud of her! 
Since our last post she had spring break, which was a nice long week off of school.  We went to the beach for a few days at Easter and then I took some time off work and the two of us just had girl time.  It was truly a joy to spend 3 days with just the two of us shopping, taking bike rides and bonding.  The next week my little friend Chase got very sick with strep throat and scarlet fever, which I prayed he would not pass on to Emilia since she had First Communion the next weekend.  He recovered quickly once we got his antibiotics in him but he was a pitiful little guy for a couple days.  Once we got Chase in good health we started prepping for Emilia's First Communion, which was the second weekend in May.  The day before communion, I was lucky enough to chaperone with her class to the zoo for their big field trip of the year.  It was a super fun day but man was I tired by the time the day was over.  Emilia got back from the zoo and I think we ran about 7 errands getting ready for the party we were having at our house.  The next day was First Communion, which was a memorable day and she looked absolutely beautiful!  I think she really embraced the day and took it very seriously, as did all of her classmates.  She even got a white rose from a little boy in her class after the ceremony, so sweet!  The next day was Joe's birthday and Mother's day.  He's always so sweet about sharing his birthday when it falls on Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, I woke up with the stomach bug the day after Emilia's communion so poor Joe did not have the best birthday.  I made it up to him later in the week with a nice dinner and dessert.  All of the excitement of field trips, spring break and first communion caught up to Emilia and she got sick the week before Memorial Day.  We thought she had a cold but after taking her to the doctor two times, they treated her for strep but thought she might have actually had Fifth's Disease.  Thankfully by the end of the week she was feeling much better and we were able to head to the beach for Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was amazing and we had a wonderful time with Day Day and Grandma.  Emilia has found a new love for scallops, so that is her new favorite things to have when we go to the beach.  Joe's mom taught her how she makes them over Easter.  We've really enjoyed the spring, planting our garden, spending lots of time outside on our porch and getting ready for summer break.  Chase finished basketball in early May and has been taking swim lessons.  He is doing great and was even letting me pull him around in the ocean on the boogie board last weekend.  Hopefully by the end of summer he will be comfortable in the water and love swimming.  Summer camp at his school is getting ready to start and he is psyched.  Emilia is taking a break from gymnastics for the summer and will swim instead.  I figured since I have her doing week long gymnastics camps ever couple of weeks there is no point to taking a class once a week.  She was begging to take swim so she is taking an endurance class that will help her to be strong and more confident swimmer. She is continuing to take piano and has been teaching herself how to play "Let It Go" from the movie, Frozen.
Joe is doing well, working hard as always.  He and I got to have a nice date night this past weekend while the kids spent the night with Bebia and Babua.  They had a blast riding the tractor, walking around the pond, going to Fearrington to seeing the cows and dipping their feet in the hot tub.  Our kids are so lucky to have such fun and loving grandparents.  I'm still keeping busy with my job and enjoying coming to work each day!  No complaints from me.  :)
We are looking forward to a fun summer, hoping to spend lots of time at the beach and relaxing. 
I will write again before the kids start back up at school.  We are so excited, Emilia and Chase will both be going to St. Michael next year.  My little buddy is going to be in Pre-K, crazy!  I hope you all have a fun, relaxing and healthy summer! 
Lots of love,
Leslie, Joe, Emilia, Chase & Fitz