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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Big Adventure

Our Big Adventure Begins…

We hope you all are having a wonderful summer and staying cool.  We’ve had a great past 6 months, there have been lots of memories, tears, goodbyes, love and new beginnings.  Right after my last post I was lucky enough to take an amazing trip to Paris and Amsterdam to visit Anna for her 21st birthday.  My parents arrived to Europe a few hours before Steph and I arrived and we surprised Anna!  It was an incredible trip filled with lots of laughter, fun, sightseeing and memories.  Between my trip to Europe and Joe’s birthday be traveled down to Florida with the kids for Spring break.  We took them to Sea World and Lego Land, which was a lot of fun.  We were actually here for Emilia’s birthday and we also got to watch Duke win the National Championship in our hotel.  The kids thought that was fun but I think Joe would have rather been partying on Duke’s campus.  Joe celebrated his 38th birthday in May and we had a nice date night together.  We spent the last few months of the school year working hard in school, going to gymnastics meets and soccer games as well as getting our house ready to go on the market. I traveled to Denver with my dad for our annual conference, which was great and I took a wonderful trip to Nashville CMA’s in June with Becca and some of her buddies.  It was great to meet new people, who were lots of fun and watch good looking country singers perform for 4 days.  We took one last trip to Oak Island to see Joe’s parents in mid June.  It was very relaxing and wonderful to be with his parents. The rest of our time was spent planning the biggest move of our lives and spending as much quality time with our family and friends as possible.

We were blessed enough to sell our house in a few hours , literally and got more than asking price, which was awesome!  Our last couple of months in NC were great!  I transitioned into my sisters position at work, which is finally going well.  Both kids went to all kinds of camps from, art, pottery, soccer, safety town, camp Bebia and spent time with their grandparents and Aunt Anna.  Aunt Anna babysat Chase this summer and they got to bond, which was so cute!  After we closed on our house at the end of June we moved in with my parents for a few weeks.  I drove Joe and Fitz down to Naples the weekend of the 4th of July and flew back to NC until July 19th.  It was so much fun living with my parents, grandma and Anna.  I felt like it was a gift that I got to spend that much time with my family before leaving them for a while.  They had a wonderful going away party for us with family and that same week I got to have a girls night/sleepover with Carolina, Heba and Laura.  We remienised all night, looking at hilarious pictures from college and laughing all night long.  Emilia had her 3 bff’s over to sleepover at my Mom’s.  They made cookie pizza’s, had hot tub time, watched a movie and stayed up giggling until midnight.  They were so cute and it made me realize how big Emilia is getting.  The teen years are not far away… eeek!  Saying goodbye to everyone was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.  The kids and I flew down on July 19th, Joe and Fitz were so happy to see us!  The first week was a tough adjustment trying to get my office but as all transitions have bumps in the road, everything is running smoothly now.  We are loving our rental house and the location.  We are about ¾ mile from the beach, so we can walk or ride our bikes to the beach.  Chase has been loving riding his bike as often as he can and Emilia is loving the pool.  We have to practically pull her out of the pool each day.  Chase is taking swim lessons and is finally making strides in the pool.  He and Emilia love catching lizards, Chase picks them up and carries them around and tries to put them on me.  Fitz tries to catch them too but they are too fast for him.  Fitz is adjusting nicely to the hot, humid weather too!  They don’t allow dogs on the beach here, which stinks but he enjoys his walks and our backyard.  He doesn’t like it when we are all in the swimming pool without him.  He barks at us and tries to walk on the water, it’s pretty funny.  Both kids have gone to the YMCA for soccer camp and day camp.  The beach here is beautiful and the sunsets are absolutely amazing.  We try to get down to the beach a few nights a week for the sunset.  Last week I took the kids for a picnic dinner to the beach, it was so peaceful.  Joe’s parents came last week and visited for five days.  It was so fun having them here, it felt like we were on vacation.  Some days, especially on the weekends it’s hard to live in reality when the beach is so close and having a pool in our backyard.  Emilia has started gymnastics and piano and we sign Chase up for soccer next weekend.  The kids start school on the 17th and I can’t wait for them to start meeting friends.  I know they are tired of being with me and each other all of the time.  We found a house that we are under contract with and it’s in a great neighborhood in the North part of town.  We are hoping to meet lots of fun people our age and kids!  We close on September 15th but we have our rental until Oct. 31st.  It will be nice to take our time moving in, however I am dreading the move part.  All in all we are all adjusting well.  I certainly have my days where I miss family and friends sooo much but if I can get to the ocean it helps a little.  We hope you all are doing well and staying cool.  As soon as we close on our new house I will send out our new address. 

 Love you all!  Les, Joe, E and Chase (and Fitz)



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