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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Settling Into Florida Life

Dear Family and Friends,
We hope you all are well and enjoying fall wherever you are.  I have to say I do miss seeing the leaves change color in North Carolina and the cool football weather but when I wake up each day and look out at the beautiful lake we live on and see the palm trees it's not so bad!
I have to say it's been an insanely busy couple of months since our last post.  The kiddos started school and are doing amazing and loving their teachers and making lots of new friends.  Joe and I could not have asked for a better transition for them.  I'm still getting used to the grading system here but I think with time I will adjust to the school system. 
Emilia is still doing gymnastics two nights a week and has piano once a week.  She and her piano took a month or so to get used to one another but now they are really having fun together now.  Chase started soccer and lives for his Monday night practices and Saturday games.  He is quite good and we love watching him play!  I've been staying busy with work, we have a lot going on right now, so I am staying busy each day until I go get the kids from school.
Joe has been traveling A LOT for work, almost twice a month since the beginning of September and has two more trips in November.  We thought he only had one more but they just threw another on the calendar the week before Thanksgiving.  He's ready to hang his suitcase up for a while.  Between traveling and moving it has taken a toll on him over the last month.
Speaking of moving, we moved at the end of September and I am SO glad it's over.  I don't know how people move every few years, it's so stressful and exhausting.  The kids were troopers while we got settled in and I think in the last week or two the house finally feels like home.  It was tough to say good bye to our rental house being that it was so close to the ocean but now that we are here and settled, it feels comfortable. 
We have had lots visitors over the past couple of months, which has been so much fun and helps when we start to miss family and friends.
Joe's parents came to visit in late August and then again in mid-September while Joe and I went to Chicago for Sean and Amy's wedding.  They took the kids to Disney World for the weekend and had an absolute blast.  We had a wonderful weekend away in Chicago.  It was so nice to have time just the two of us and to catch up with some of our oldest and dearest friends.
My parents and Anna came during labor day weekend and we spent all weekend pretending we were on vacation with them.  It was so relaxing and so much fun to have them here.  We ate lots of yummy food, had a picnic on the beach, snorkeled for sand dollars and took a nice boat cruise in the gulf while drooling over the ridiculous houses on the water.
Ginny, Jack and Leo (Jack's dog) came and stayed with us right before we went to Chicago.  We had a nice visit with them and went out to a delicious seafood dinner the night they were here.
Fitz and Leo loved playing together, they were sad to say goodbye to one another.  I made a surprise visit home to see my Mom for her birthday in October.  It was nice to be home for a couple of days but it was even nicer to surprise my mom and be with her on her birthday weekend.  As hard as it was to say goodbye to everyone, I knew in less than two weeks, Steph, Matt and Holden were coming to visit us.  They were just here this past weekend and we had beautiful weather.  We spent time playing at the beach, shopping and eating yummy food!  Emilia and Chase LOVED seeing Holden, they all had so much fun together. 
We still have lots of settling into our new house to do and furniture to buy.  It's a work in progress but we are making it our own.  We are looking forward to the holidays, seeing family and friends.  How can it already be November?
I hope you all have a fun Halloween weekend!  Sending sunshine your way from the sunshine state!
We love and miss you all!
Les, Joe, Chase, E and Fitz xoxo


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