The Mazzola's

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hello Family and Friends,

We are so sorry that it's been so long since we have posted a blog. We have been super busy since Christmas, not only with Emilia but I left the Credit Union and have started a new job with a company based out of Atlanta called ApolloMD. I am learning a lot and will soon be able to enjoy the flexibility, which is the reason I decided to leave SECU.

Other than that we have been watching Emilia grow like a weed. It's amazing how much she has grown and has changed in the past couple of months. Her little personality is really starting to shine and she amazes us everyday with the things she is learning in school. Since Christmas she is walking and now trying to run so we have to watch her every second or she may end up climbing the stairs or trying to take a dip in Fletch's water bowl. She is really starting to use the sign language she is learning at school, which is really cute but Joe and I have to go and ask her teachers what she is trying to tell us. Her favorite sign right now is "more" and she uses it mostly while eating. You will see a lot of pictures from Emilia's 1st birthday party. She had so much fun opening gifts and being the center of attention. She opened most of her presents while sitting on top of her radio flyer wagon box that Aunt Stephie, Uncle Matt and Aunt Anna gave her. She was pretty entertaining.

Joe is getting ready to celebrate his 30th birthday in a few weeks and will be celebrating in Darlington, SC at a Nascar race with the boys. Maybe now he wont brag about being older than me anymore!

We are really looking forward to this summer and we plan on spending lots of time at the beach. We hope you all are doing well. Check our blog again soon because we will be posting a video clip of Emilia. We promise not to wait 4 months to post a new blog. Stay tuned for more photos and updates.

Lots of love,
Les, Joe and Little 'E'