The Mazzola's

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello Everyone!

This is going to be a long one, we've had a busy month...

Our month started with Emilia turning 2! We had grandparents a couple of Emilia's friends (Caitlin and Roman) at her party. She got so many great gifts for her birthday, she's not spoiled at ALL. I guess it's time to start thinking about potty training and turning her crib in to a toddler bed:( Her vocabulary is growing everyday. Last week we came home from our vacation and while sitting at the breakfast table she counted to ten in Spanish. Joe and I were shocked, excited and amazed all at the same time. She is quite a character!

The weekend after Emilia's birthday we had Spring Fling at Emilia's school, which was a ton of fun for Emilia. You can see from the pictures how much she enjoyed the bounce house. We practically had to drag her out of the thing.

Then it was off to the Dominican Republic with Becca and Trent for some adult relaxation. This was our first real vacation away from Emilia. We stayed at a really nice resort, Majestic Colonial, and with a little bit of a rocky start, the trip turned out to be wonderful and a lot of fun. Becca and I went parasailing one day and then got massages. We layed on the beach, sipped on cold beverages and brushed up on our Spanish. The last day of our trip we all went snorkeling about 25 minutes from our resort. It was really nice but not the best snorkeling we've ever done. All in all it was just what the four of us needed and we are ready to start planning our next trip to the islands...

To end the month we finished it out with a bang. Heather and Jarred got married this past weekend. Congratulations guys!!! It was a really beautiful and fun wedding and it was so great to see all of our old friends from Cali and Illinois. I already miss you all! Joe and I are both ready for a calm month of May but we'll see, somehow the weekends fill up quickly and before we know it the month is over. Our pool opens soon so maybe between that and going to the beach we will be forced relax some this summer.

Congratualtions to Joe's mom and dad who are getting ready to start and new chapter and move to Charlotte this summer, more details to follow...Emilia's very excited to have Day Day and Grandma closer to us, as are Joe and I.

We hope you all are doing well and we'll be in touch.

Les, Joe and Emilia