The Mazzola's

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy New Year!!! The holidays were busy but a lot of fun! We had a wonderful time this year spending time with family, friends, doing cookie bakes and celebrating birthdays.

Leading up to Christmas we got to spend some time catching up with old friends who were in town. We also were lucky enought to have Silly Uncle Mattie come to visit us for the weekend. He and Emilia are so funny together and entertain one another so well.

I had my annual cookie bake where we spend our "girls night" baking all different kinds of cookies and then we all fill a few tins with the goodies to take home. We also got to attend a few Christmas parties in the midst of shopping, baking and trying to stay warm.

Emilia was really pumped up about Christmas this year. She got to go see Santa and as you can see from the pictures she had a fun telling him what she wanted for Christmas. This year Emilia asked for a gift that Joe and I had a hard time finding. She asked us for a "housekeeping". We had no idea what a housekeeping was but I as I was standing in line at Home Goods returning something I looked over and there was the little house/dollhouse big enough for Emilia to play inside. I decided that this was probably the closest thing I was going to find to a housekeeping and thankfully she loves it!

We spent Christmas morning at home opening gifts together and then hit the road and went to Winston-Salem to spend the rest of Christmas day with Joe's family. Emilia is not your typical 3 year old tearing into all of the gifts. Instead she liked to pass them out to everyone in the family. She ended up bringing home a handful of gifts to open at a later date. Joe and I did not complain, this way she got to drag out Christmas as long as she wanted. We had a wonderful time seeing family. Emilia and Silly Uncle Mattie spent a lot of the day entertaining all of us with their silly balloon games. The next day we went to my family's to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's family. The holidays were definately filled with lots of love and laughter.

Emilia enjoyed having a week and a half off from school. She got to spend time with Bebia and Babua and Grandma and Day Day, as well as Joe and I.

New Year's was spent relaxing at home with Steph, Matt and Holden Baby. The rest of the month has been spent celebrating birthday's. I celebrated my 21st birthday this month (ha!) and Emilia has had birthday parties every weekend in January. Emilia started playing soccer again this month and really enjoys it!

We are all trying to spend time getting ready for the "little man" to get here. Only 7 weeks to go! I am really excited but definatley getting a little nervous about how I am going to juggle everything. Emilia is really cute when she talks about her baby brother. She now calls him "little octopus". We have no idea where she came up with the name but it's cute.

I hope we are able to make one more post before little octopus gets here!

We hope you all are staying warm and healthy.

Lots of love,

Les, Joe and Emilia