The Mazzola's

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's hard to believe it's almost July, this summer is flying by...

Since our last post life has been full of fun trips to the beach, watching Chase grow, weddings, summer camp, birthdays and more.

We kicked off May by celebrating Joe's 33 birthday! We had an adult night out with friends to celebrate. Joe then went to Charlotte for his anual Nascar weekend with the guys. As always he had a blast and spent Monday and Tuesday recovering.

Then it was off to Emerald Isle with friends for Memorial Day weekend. This was Chase's first trip to the beach. He seemed to enjoy himself and Emilia had a blast playing with her buddies, Julian and Eli. You will see in the pictures Emilia is holding up a little picture of a boy. His name is Flat Stanley and he came with us to the beach for the weekend. Flat Stanley gets to travel around with the kids in her class on summer vacations. They have a bulletin board in their classroom with pictures of the kids and Flat Stanley and where he has been this summer. It's pretty cute and it's even fun for the parents.

We then came home for a weekend to unwind and to get ready for our next adventure/vacation, Hilton Head. We spent a week with my family in Hilton Head and had a great time! It was hot as blazes but we still were able to have a great time. Emilia spent a lot of time in the pool since there was no breeze on the beach. We rode bikes, which Emilia loved! I got to dust off my tennis raquet and play a little tennis, we went deep sea fishing, parasailed and relaxed. All in all it was a wonderful vacation. Chase did get his first virus while we were there but he was a trooper and was better within a couple of days.

After unpacking and spending a week at home, Joe and I snuck in a date night and then on this past Saturday we went to Winston-Salem for Joe's cousin, Beth's wedding. Joe and I went to a cooking class for our date night and had a really nice evening together. What could be better than an evening with your spouse, good (Italian) food and wine?

Beth's wedding was really lovely and it was so wonderful to see family. Emilia told us that she loves weddings. She had so much fun with her cousins dancing and running around. This weekend we are off to Oak Island for a long weekend at the beach with Joe's parents and Silly Uncle Matty. Emilia has already started asking us about the fireworks, it's pretty cute.

Chase started daycare this week so we are all adjusting to that, especially me. I miss him so much but know that with time it will get easier. He is rolling over, cooing and this past weekend he started laughing. It's so much fun!!! He's such a sweet little guy and he loves to watch his big sister and the dog. They both make him smile all the time.

Emilia is enjoying summer camp at school and is still having fun taking her ballet/tap class. We are getting ready to start swim lessons next weekend, which she is really looking forward to. She keeps asking me what her swim teachers name is. Emilia is going to be starting Pre-K in August at St. Michael and we are all really excited. I'm sad because I can't believe she is going to be going to Pre-K but it's exciting at the same time. She is excited that she gets to get a lunchbox and a new backpack. Ahhh, to be a kid again...

Life is good! We hope you all are having a great summer.

Lots of love,

Les, Joe, E and Chase