The Mazzola's

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My how time flies... I thought we were busy with one kid but having two seems to make time go by even faster than before! As summer comes to a close we have a lot to tell you all.

We kicked off the month of July with a trip to Oak Island with Joe's parents and Silly Uncle Matty for the July 4th weekend. We had a great time visiting, making sand castles and watching Emilia start to master her cartwheels on the beach. We also got to see awesome fireworks, which Emilia was still not too sure about because of the sound. Maybe next year...

Emilia continued doing her ballet/tap/gymnastics class on Wed. nights and still loves the "stomping and gymnastics" part of the class the most. She LOVES to do cartwheels all over the house, at the beach and in Bebia's yard.

Joe took a work trip out to Vegas the next weekend and I threw a baby shower for Becca and got to have some adult time while Mom watched the kiddies. Emilia and Brayden got to have a couple of private swim lessons in July as well. They both made so much progress in just a couple of weeks. Emilia was brave enough to put her head all the way under the water by the end of their second lesson. I think one more round of lessons and she will be a lot more comfortable in the water.

We spent the rest of the month spending time with friends, going to the pool and birthday parties.

Chase started rolling over in July and laughs all the time at his big sister and daddy. He also got his first ear infection in July as well, blah. As soon as we finished the antibiotics two days later he was up all night crying and the poor little guy had another ear infection in his right ear. Unfortunately it was back on the antibiotics but I think that did the trick. I just pray he stays healthy for a little while. He is talking baby talk all the time and continues to be such a sweet, mild tempered baby.

We started August off with a BANG, Steph's Surprise 30th birthday party! Steph thought we were having a party for her the weekend of her birthday (Aug. 20th) but we decided to throw her off and have it a couple weeks early. Anyway, I think she was pretty surprised and we had a great time!!!

Our friends, Becca and Trent welcomed little BeeBoo (Hanleigh Cooper) into the world on 8/9/10, congratulations! They are doing well and Chase got to meet little Hanleigh, his new sidekick this past weekend for the first time.

We went back to the beach for a long weekend the next week to spend some more time in the sun and visit with Grandma, Day Day and Silly Uncle Matty before the school year started. Yes, I said school year, Emilia just started real school this week at St. Michael. She and I spent a couple of days together, just the two of us last week getting her ready for school and playing. I had so much fun spending those two days with her. We have not had mommy/daughter bonding time like that in a while. I cherish those moments!!! I think I have had a harder time coming to grips with the fact that my little girl is going to "Big Girl School" than she has. So far she loves it, which we knew she would. They are so cute in their uniforms with their backpacks. This morning she started crying in the car when we pulled into the parking lot because she did not want me to walk her into the school. She wanted me to drop her off in the carpool line like the big kids. She is little miss independent! When we asked her how her first day at school was on Monday she said "we said the blessing three times today mom". I asked her what blessing they say at her new school and she said "we thanked god for our food, our friends and money" Joe and I looked at each other and started to chuckle. Not sure how true the money part is but you never know...

That pretty much takes us up to today. Life is busy and lots of fun! We hope you all had a fun summer. Happy Birthday Fletch. Fletch turned 9 on the 24th. He is an old man!

We love you all!

Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase