The Mazzola's

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Family and Friends,

We hope you are all having a good fall and are enjoying the beautiful weather. We were so happy to welcome fall this year. This summer was way too hot, so we are happy to be wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts!

I know it's been almost two months since I have updated our post so I will try not to make this too long.

September was a month of spending time with friends and being at home. Such a nice change from always being on the go this summer. We stayed in Cary for Labor Day weekend and went to a Low Country Boil at the Pryzgoda's and went to see the last Durham Bulls game of the season with my parents. Emilia was so excited to have her picture taken with Wool E. Bull.

The next weekend we had 3 families from Emilia's old school over for a cookout/playdate. The kids had a blast playing outside and dressing up. There is a corn maze with bounce houses, pony rides and hayrides around the corner from our house so we took the kids there one weekend as well. Emilia had a blast, she LOVES bounce houses!

In the midst of our relaxing month at home on the weekends Emilia had a terrible cough/upper respitory virus and I had to take her back and forth to the doctor 3 times until they finally put her on antibiotics. Thankfully that did the trick and knocked out whatever she had for 4 weeks. As you can imagine we were trying to keep Emilia and Chase away from each other so that they would not spread their germs and instead Joe got the cough and has now had it for 5 weeks. Chase finally ended up getting sick and he too is still coughing even with a round of antibiotics. He also had ear infections in both ears to go along with the cough. This is ear infection number three. I see ear tubes in our future...

We spent a weekend in the mountains earlier this month with Joe's parents. The foliage was just starting to turn and it was beautiful. Emilia was all pumped up about going on the haunted train at Tweetsie Railroad so we took her and much to my disappointment it really was not very scary. Even Emilia was not phased by any spooky stuff, however she did hate the gun shots.

Last weekend we went to Brayden's 4th birthday party, Happy Birthday Miss B!

We are getting ready for Halloween and Chase's christening next weekend. Joe has a super busy November with work. I can tell you we will all be looking forward to the week of Thanksgiving. :)
While he's busy with all of his work meetings I will be manning our biggest home improvement project yet. We have decided to add a screened porch onto our house. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me for the next 10 years! We are really excited but WOW, I never knew how much goes into something like this. Who knew you would have to get permits for every little thing, have everything approved by our HOA, picking out tiles, design, etc.

Now for a quick update on the kiddies. Emilia is still enjoying ballet and can now do a one handed cartwheel! She has also started mastering monkey bars, which makes my heart race but it's also fun to see her doing things like that. She is so fearless and such a monkey. Although, she fell through the monkey bars last week at school so now I worry about her all the time on the playground. She has really adjusted well to her new school and loves to tell us about everything she is learning each day. She is at the age where you really have to be careful about what you say in front of her. We had to get our neighbor, who had been living in Dubai for a year to sign a piece of paper for our screened porch project and she said "Ms. Lisa I need to tell you something" remember we have not seen her in over a year and I am thinking oh gosh, what is she about to tell her? Lisa said, "what is it?" and Emilia says "did you know that someone had a party at your house while you were not here?" It was hilarious.

Chase is growing like a weed. He is sitting up and is not even close to crawling, which is fine with me. He loves to eat and just got his first two teeth last week! He is still so laid back and loves to laugh at Emilia. As you can imagine he is quite entertained by her.

I probably won't have time to update the blog until after Thanksgiving. So, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are so thankfull for all of you and for the amazing gifts we have each day.

Lots of Love,

Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase