The Mazzola's

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Fall Family and Friends and Happy Birthday, Fletch!

I just looked at my calendar and realized I had not posted anything on our blog since Aug. 22nd, then I asked myself where the last 8 weeks have gone. Gosh, before I know it it's going to be Christmas!

Speaking of time flying, we celebrated our first child, Fletch's 10th birthday on August 24th. Emilia and I baked him a cake and we blew up balloons and wore party hats. We thought since it was his 10th birthday we should go all out!

Over the past couple of months we've stayed busy with ballet, My Gym, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family,working a lot and watching football. Works has been very busy for me, which is wonderful but is now starting to slow down a bit. Emilia has been enjoying ballet and is also taking an art class one day a week, which she loves! Chase goes to My Gym on Saturdays before Emilia has ballet, so Joe and I usually tag team getting the two of them to their destinations on time. By lunchtime we are all tired and ready for a nap after running around all morning. Arent's weekends supposed to be relaxing?!

Emilia is still loving kindergarten! It's so much fun to see her reading and trying to write sentences. She loves to have spelling bee's on the way to school each morning. She will hold her baby doll in her lap and ask me to call out a word. She pretends she is the baby and will spell the word wrong on purpose and then I ask her to correct her baby and she will spell the word perfectly. She's quite a character! Her scar under her eye is looking really good. The plastic surgeon was a little concerned about the redness but the other than that it's healing nicely. We go back next week to see what he thinks about the redness. Emilia now tells us she is going to be a plastic surgeon.

Chase is keeping us busy with all of his energy. He loves to play with balls and pretty much anything that moves. He is talking more and more each day! It's so much fun to actually be able to communicate with him using words. It's amazing to see how much he understands when we ask him to do something. He adores Fletch "Bubba" and wants to play with him all the time. I think it's made Emilia start to care about the dog now that she sees her brother playing with him all the time. Although Chase is our laid back child he is going to be a goof ball like the rest of us. He is quite a clown and loves to make us laugh.

Joe and I both ran in 5K's in Sept. and were very pleased with our times. I missed my goal time by 1 second but was still happy I beat my old time. I also had the honor of being asked to be a Godmother for one of my best friends, Laura's, little girl, Eva. We attended her baptism and a beautiful luncheon for her and her sister, Zimmrie in Sept. We've also been trying to have date nights out on a regular basis, which has been wonderful! Joe and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Mexico last Saturday. We went with our best friends, Becca and Trent and had an amazing week away. Lots of laughing, relaxing, drinking, eating and reconnecting as husband and wife. It was a much needed vacation for the two of us. I'm ready to start planning our next trip. :)

We are loving the fall weather and hoping it will stick around for a while before it gets too cold. We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and are in good health.

All our love,

Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase