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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Chase

Hello Family and Friends,
Hopefully this blog will be a little more upbeat then our last update.  This blog is dedicated to my favorite little man, Chase, who turned 3 yesterday.  Yesterday as we were playing outside watching him shoot hoops, one of his favorite things to do, I was thinking, where have the last 3 years gone.  I think I say this to myself every year on each of my kids birthday's.  I swear every year goes by faster than the last!  Chase is a funny little guy who loves to make all of us laugh with his silly faces and crazy comments.  In 2 weeks he is going to be starting pre-school, we are calling it "big boy school" to get him used to the idea that he is not going to be going to Judy's anymore.  Judy has been taking care of him since he was 3 months old and she is AMAZING.  I think I'm going to have just as hard of a time with the transistion as Chase.  He just started Lil Dunkers at a sportsplex in Apex, which he loves and from what I hear from Joe he's pretty good.  I am taking him this weekend, so I am looking forward to seeing him shoot hoops with a bunch of 3 year olds.  Enjoy the pictures from Chase's birthday, he had a blast.
Since the passing of our friend, Fletch, we have stayed quite busy while adjusting to a house that feels quite lonely at times, especially when the kids go to bed at night.  We spent a good part of February trying to keep Chase healthy, he was sick a lot but finally doing much better!  We celebrated quite a few birthdays, Chase continued with swim lessons, Emilia is continuing to get better and better at piano and Joe and I got to have a night out, which was long overdue.  Emilia loves school and was asked to be a reader at Mass in front of her whole school last month.  She did a great job, I swear she is not bothered by speaking or dancing in front of large audiences. She was also in a performance, where she played an elephant, by choice.  She auditioned for a speaking role, got the part, then later told us she wanted to be an elephant instead. Joe attended his National Sales meeting in Vegas and received an Award of Excellence for his performance in Operations.  The kids and I were really psyched for him.  While he was in Vegas, I took the kids to Chapel Hill for a night at Bebia and Babua's house.  We missed out on a family mountain trip, so I thought we would make up for it by having a sleep over at their house.  I got to go with my Mom to a UNC basketball game and we had a great time watching Carolina beat Virginia.  We spent our last weekend of the month in the mountains with The Jones' family.  It was a lot warmer than we thought it would be so tubing was not a exciting as it normally would have been if it had been cold.  The hills were really slow and not all slopes were open but still had fun!  We also had an indoor pool to swim in and the kids, especially Brayden and Emilia had a great time swimming together. 
Here we are and it's already mid March, getting ready for warmer weather, more birthdays (Emilia is turning 7, Anna and Joe's dad) celebrations and Joe and my 10 year anniversary!  Joe and I are taking a trip to California to wine country to celebrate our anniversary, stay tuned for photos.  We hope you all are healthy and doing well.

Lots of Love,
Joe, Les, Chase and E


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