The Mazzola's

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Fall! I can't believe my last post was on August 1st and this week will be November 1st.  I guess that means we've had a busy, fun fall so far!  We ended our summer with a fun week at the beach with my family at Ocean Isle.  Emilia started 2nd grade at the end of August and has adjusted very well.  It is quite different from 1st grade but she seems to take it in stride.  She is doing very well.  She loves math, science and music class.  Emilia is still taking piano and gymnastics on Monday and Tuesday nights.  She has been begging me and Joe to join the gymnastics team, but we have been so busy that I am not comfortable committing our family to that right now.  Chase has been playing soccer on Saturdays and really seems to enjoy himself.  This is a very busy time of year for me with work, so my days fly by!  Joe has started looking for a new job and is hoping that soon he will be presented an opportunity that will challenge him and enable him to grow in his career.  He certainly deserves it!  

After school started we quickly got back into our routine and our weekends seemed to fill up with lots of fun activities.  I went to DC for Corrie's (Matt's fiance') bachelorette party.  The next weekend Joe went to the beach for Matt's bachelor party.  We headed back to Oak Island the following weekend to celebrate Aunt Gin Gin's 60th birthday!  Emilia and Grandma Grandma decided a Hawaiian theme would be fun, so that's what we did!  It was a wonderful weekend of family time and celebration.  Joe continued his weekends of travel on his annual Nascar weekend the next weekend.  As always, the guys had fun being guys and going to the races.  We had one weekend at home together as a family and the next weekend I headed out for my 2nd annual girls beach weekend with Carolina, Becca and Steph.  We missed having Heba there but she was too close to her due date to be there with us.  We had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach and catching up together and dancing at Chaser's with some of the people we met last year.  We spent the last weekend in September at home enjoying fall weather.  Joe and Emilia started back up with Y Guides.  They had their first meeting where they built torches for the camp out that they attended the next weekend at Camp Kanata.  They really enjoy their father, daughter bonding time during Y Guides.  I take advantage of this time that I get to have alone with my little man, Chase.  We call the nights where Joe and E go to Y Guides our "date nights". 

After a couple weekends at home we took a quick family road trip to the Spartenburg, SC are where we picked out the soon to be newest member of our family, Fitz.  Fitz is 9 weeks old this week and ready to come to his new home but we have asked the breeder to keep him for an extra 4 weeks, since we have our trip to St. John around the corner.  Christine, the breeder is amazing and starting to train Fitz while he spends the 4 weeks with her and her family.  Her updates are so cute and get us really excited about having him in our lives.  Joe and I had a long overdue date night to a concert in Raleigh the next weekend, however poor Joe got sick and lost his voice so we just enjoyed each others company without a lot of talking.  It's so nice that after being married 10 years we can do that and still have fun together.  That same weekend I ran a half marathon with Carolina, which was really special.  It was the hardest and hilliest race I have ever run.  Needless to say I could barely walk for 3 days but I'm already thinking about which 1/2 I will run in this spring.  Hopefully I will convince Joe to run it with me. 

We wrapped up the month with the Jones family at BOO at the ZOO in Asheboro.  It was cold but we had a blast!  When we asked Chase what his favorite part of the day was he said "when the giraffe peed".  Kids are hilarious!  The weeks continue to fly by and we are looking forward to November.  We have a wonderful family vacation planned for Matt's wedding.  We are heading to St. John for a week to partake in wedding festivities and hopefully lots of sun and fun.  The kids are really excited, Chase can't wait to fly in an airplane.  Then we come home and Joe and I will head back out a couple days after we return to go get little Fitz and bring him home.  We certainly have LOTS to be thankful for!  We wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. 
Lots of Love,
Les, Joe, Emilia and Chase